Foundation Address

There’s been a bit of confusion this past year with the Foundation address in Santa Monica.  Though we put a forward on the PO Box, many donations never seem to find their way forward.

For those of you interested, the safest bet from this point onward is to send your donation directly to Fidelity (the Foundation’s umbrella organization) at one of the addresses listed below.  Fidelity will know to direct the donation to the Foundation due to it’s name as the check recipient, but it’s always best to include a brief note asking that the donation be directed to the James Joseph Kaplan Foundation.


Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
PO Box 770001
Cincinnati OH 45277-0053


(Overnight Address)

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
100 Crosby Parkway
Mailzone: KC1D-FCS
Covington, KY 41015-9325

Many thanks,



Still Going Strong!

Hello to all!

We hope this finds everyone well.  Though the posts are infrequent, Jay’s foundation continues to thrive with both the Independent Spirit Award and Kaplan Filmmaker of the Year award nearing their sixth year this coming spring.

Each of the last few years, we have been fortunate to be able to give the Independent Spirit Award to two recipients, doubling its reach, which only continues to get cooler and more meaningful with each new person encouraged to pursue his or her passions and unique interests.

It’s also been fun to follow past recipients, such as the Independent Spirit Award’s first winner, Jacob Evelyn, now doing data analytics for K-12 schools as a software developer at the start-up company Panorama Education  ( in Boston, and the Kaplan Award’s first winner, Anna Lotko, now a Founder of and Project Manager at Localite Games, Inc. in Los Angeles:

“Games have the potential to improve the way we treat each other. They give us safe, flexible spaces to explore ourselves and to forge new relationships with others. Localite is an arcade of mobile games that are played across the screens of multiple devices in the same physical location. The Localite team is building games and playful apps that let users transfer digital objects and information from one mobile screen to the next, using gestural input. We call our multi-device calibration system the “swipe sync.” Localite games break the box of modern technological isolation by providing opportunities for friends and strangers to share their private screens with public play.”

Congratulations to all, and many thanks for everyone’s continued support.

Wishing all very well,